This animation was born from evenings spent around a fire roasting marshmallows and making s'mores during the lockdown. Friday was typically the night we threw some logs in the solo stove ordered a pizza and enjoyed some time outside. It was here l watched my daughter discover what kind of marshmallow roaster she was. Each of her marshmallows underwent an artful and tedious rotisserie to produce a mallow with the slightest hint of tan. I also understood her pure enjoyment when she burned one to an absolute crisp or a level ten on the relative “toasty” scale. Based on her personality it was no surprise she was a 0.5 on that scale or a RGB value of 223/191/156  (which is the actual color of the marshmallow in the final scene).

It was also during these nights I began experimenting with adding other ingredients ranging from bacon to potato chips.  The animation is my recipe list for my perfect s’more with the addition of caramel and a scoop of Pure Vanilla from The Charmery.
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